Vlad and Me: Conversations with the Soul about Reincarnation and other Inconveniences


Alice Nash

“… the sheer joy, the glee in the performance. Glee is most common in three and four year olds. The most common reason for glee is: nothing. It’s rare to witness glee in someone over five years old!”

John Langmore

“… the mirth meant that you had the audience with you when serious points were made.”

William Henderson

“So much genuine wit, so many dialogues between the elements, such a range of moods.”

Andrea Goldsmith

“Smartly humorous. I loved your metaphorical under-girdings and narrative excursions. We need creative portrayals to drive home what is happening in our country and the wider world and to unite us in protest.”

Penelope Buckley

“… you interrogate all your thoughts, the groundswell ones and the ones that blow where they list, like your first soul. But the Putin soul was essential to the whole. Somewhere behind you was the Morality Play, listening to what you were doing and feeling a bit shocked but quite excited.”

Judith Armstrong

“I wondered how it could end, but you found a way that worked perfectly.”

Robert Draffin

“Such a dangerous premise. I am always in awe of the theatrical and performative risks you take.”