Vlad and Me: Conversations with the Soul about Reincarnation and other Inconveniences

A sequel of Conversations with the Gods. In it James McCaughey plays with questions about the soul; whether it exists, whether someone can lose it, whether it can go somewhere else. And were it to do so, how would it chose where?

It is an imagined dialogue with James’ own soul (who leaves) which becomes a dialogue with President Putin’s (who turns up).

Two souls – and their journey through two lives.
How many lives can a soul have?  How does it choose where it goes?
Is it for good, is it for ill?
Is it male or female?
Does it know what is going on or not?
What music does it prefer?  How can you make it happy to be with you?

James McCaughey seeks out communication with his own soul, is hunted down by someone else’s – looking for the ultimate explanation of the soul’s course through time.

The soul as real, the soul as unreal. The soul as trophy, the soul as impatient lover, the soul as unreliable friend, the soul as pilgrim. An unreliable guide to the soul’s passage through eternity.

In performance with Matthew Horsley, on the Uilleann Pipes.