Homer prepares


Penelope Buckley

“I felt that you were voicing – being inhabited by – both the body of singers and speakers who came before and the many exploratory performances by Homer himself that must have gone into the shaping of the whole. I didn’t mean that there was more than one author, but that you were bringing alive for us the act of composition as a mode of being and a life of practice – and this was you as well as him and them. You were there and here and taking us with you. Did you know how much you gave us then?”

Peter Aldridge

“The two performances were as intellectually interesting for me as they were enjoyable as experiences. I appreciated the structure which I perceived – the introduction as performer, the dialogue as Homer and the recitation of the tale itself – how the lighting and accompaniment reinforced that structure. I reflect that I found myself engaged with each layer as a separate thread: maintaining an awareness of the context which you had explained in the introduction; feeling as if in ‘conversation’ with you as Homer ….; imagining myself somehow both as an observer of and participant in this festival as I listened to the stories that you recreated; finally reacting to the work itself. In parallel with yours was Matthew’s performance which structured and complemented … and….comprised a richly creative parallel performance which I found myself absorbed in without it detracting from your oration. The way that you each created these complementary performances, I find intriguing in itself.

I was amused to learn from Matthew that you improvised more than he had expected from the rehearsals – what else could we expect from an oral tradition?”





Conversations with the Gods...

Conversations with the Gods...