Conversations with the Gods about their Deaths and Other Matters

“…(McCaughey) effortlessly crafts anecdotes from classical, Judeo-Christian, Hindu and Islamic sources (and can cheekily link them to contemporary politics) – but he wears his erudition lightly.”

Cameron Woodhead, The Age, August 13, 2015

“The imagination soars along with our charismatic narrator”

Tom Bensley, Theatre People, August 14, 2015

“Extremely beautifully written”

James Jackson, Aussie Theatre, August 15, 2015



Robert Draffin

“I am transported. I have seen so much theatre but rarely am I transported. The script the content and performance. A great combination.”

Muriel Arnott

“Pity the Gods are not listening to your fine conversations. I think you illustrated clearly the hypocrisy of religion. So honest about the damage done yet warm and with humour. I thought that without real knowledge of Greek and other Gods I would be out of my depth, but not.”

Hugh Collins

“What might you have provoked here?  I expect any moment to learn that Vishnu has replaced Stephen Fry on QI and Tony Jones on Q&A (gods have no difficulty in being in two places simultaneously for recording schedules) and that Ellen DeGeneres has been displaced from her talk show by Artemis Ephesia.”

Jim Davidson

“Theatre beyond definition. A man and a story to tell.

Your David to their Goliath arrogance has not felled the giant but you have certainly peeled back the skin. Flayed alive?”

Mary Hoban

“I loved it for the humour and the enjoyment and confidence that you brought to it and the sense of play ….. for me the last was special – powerful and evocative and moving.”

Robin Laurie

“The material is fascinating, its good to see someone who knows so much and is so passionate and reflective about what they know and you are, of course, a charming performer. ”

Sarah Halls

“Glistening, alive, powerful, beautifully crafted, moving, courageous, deliciously playful, inspired, timely, compelling, elegant and intimate work and performance!!! Congratulations and thank you !!!!!!! And I just want to see it again and again – and for the world to see it. ”


13 August 2015 The Age

14 August 2015 Theatre People

14 August 2015 Aussie Theatre





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